Agnipath Recruitment Scheme: Check Eligibility, Salary, And Other Key Highlights

A new scheme named ‘Agnipath’ for the recruitment of soldiers in the Army, Navy, and Air Force, mostly on a short-term contractual basis, has been introduced in an effort to curb the increasing wage and pensions expense. The new scheme was announced after two years of intensive deliberation. The soldiers that will be recruited as part of the scheme will be known as “Agniveer.” The Army currently recruits young individuals for a 10-year short service commission, which can be extended to 14 years. Below are the Eligibility, Compensation, and other key highlights.

Agnipath Recruitment Scheme: Key Highlights

Agnipath Recruitment Scheme: Eligibility

The scheme is open to people between the ages of 17.5 to 21 years. Candidates shall be recruited for a period of four years under the applicable service act.

Are women eligible to apply for the Agnipath scheme?

Women will be gradually inducted into the armed forces in the future.

Agnipath Recruitment Scheme: Salary Of Agniveers

  • Agniveers will receive a good remuneration package.
  • When an Agniveer has served for four years, they will be paid a one-time ‘SevaNidhi’ package.
  • Seva nidhi will be made up of their contribution, plus interest, and a matching contribution from the government equivalent to the whole amount of their contribution, plus interest.

The annual package would start at Rs 4.76 lakh and can be upgraded to Rs 6.92 lakh by the completion of the service. Allowances and non-contributory insurance coverage will also be available.

Agnipath Recruitment Scheme: Key Highlights

Agnipath Recruitment Scheme: Training Process

Agniveers would get training on par with regular armed forces cadres, including intensive military exercises. The highest authority in the Armed Forces would explicitly define and supervise the training standards.

Agnipath Recruitment Scheme: How To Apply

The vacancies and application process will be posted on the relevant websites of the armed forces at,, and

Agnipath Recruitment Scheme: Key Highlights

Every year, a total of 46000 soldiers would be recruited. About a 25 percent of those would be retained for a 15-year extension for permanent commission. The others would be permitted to exit and given a Seva Nidhi – a one-time sum of Rs. 11.71 lakh plus interest – in exchange for their services. This sum would be tax-free, and the individual may use it to pursue their aspirations.

The Indian forces are likely to become significantly younger and ‘technologically savvy’ as Agniveers are recruited every four years. The goal is to recruit ‘young talent from society who are more in sync with current technology trends and plough back skilled, disciplined, and motivated manpower into society.’

Download the Agnipath Recruitment Scheme Brochure here

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