Indian Currency Notes For UPSC; Features Of Mahatma Gandhi Series New Currency

In India, the Reserve Bank of India has the sole proprietorship for issuing
The bank notes. Like other Central Banks, the RBI has the right to make changes in the design of currency notes from time to time. The currency which we are using today is of Mahatma Gandhi Series which was introduced by the Reserve Bank of India in 1996. Since then the Mahatma Gandhi series of currency has been in frequent use.

When we talk about the right to print and circulate the bank notes, it is necessary to discuss the Paper Currency Act 1861. Through this Act the Government of India got the exclusive rights from the British government to print and circulate the banknotes. Until the RBI was not established on April 1, 1935, the Government of India was printing and circulating the banknotes. In this article you will get to know about those Mahatma Gandhi New Series of Banknotes and their specific features which are currently in trends. So let’s begin.

Indian Currency Notes

1. 10 Rupee Note

1. 10 Rupee Note

This is the first note of Mahatma Gandhi Series introduced in 1996 by the Reserve Bank of India.

Story first published: Saturday, July 23, 2022, 8:26 [IST]

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