Online M.Sc. Data Science In India

M.Sc in Data Science is a 2-year degree program which includes major subjects of C-Programming, Calculus and Descriptive Statistics to understand different phenomena concerning a big data set.

Online M.Sc in Data Science can be considered one of the best career options with a high pay scale for interested candidates looking for jobs in the IT sector.

Online M.Sc. Data Science

Why should you pursue M.Sc in Data Science?

Online M.Sc in Data Science is a PG(Post-graduate) program approved by the UGC(University Grants Commission). This program enhances your understanding of data engineering and analysis, which can be fruitful while handling data.
This course provides the knowledge of different disciplines like Data Analysis and Visualization, Python Programming, Web Technologies, etc.

Who are eligible for M.Sc in Data Science?

Students who have successfully completed undergraduate courses with at least 50%marks in Computer, Mathematics, and Statistics as their compulsory subjects are eligible to pursue M.Sc in Data Science.

Benefits of Pursuing M.Sc Data Science Online

Online M.Sc degree in India is getting attention from students who spent a lot of money on housing, transport, and other things to pursue a degree in Data Science from big universities. But now, with the help of technology, it is much easier to access the Data Science program online. These are some of the countless benefits of pursuing an M.Sc Data Science Degree online:

1. Comparatively less fee

An online M.Sc Data Science degree will cost way less than an offline degree. There will also be no other costs like staying, campus, and other transportation costs. Few colleges had this course earlier, but now many universities like Manipal University are providing this course.

2. Accessibility

Almost every institute, like onlinemanipal provides ebooks, case studies, etc., for easy accessibility of any course like MSc in Data Science, which earlier used to be very rare subjects. But now, due to increased popularity among students and need in companies, you can get everything related to study material in just a few clicks. Online programmes help you easily access the syllabus, books, projects, announcements etc.

3. Flexibility

The online M.Sc Degree program gives you the leverage to study anytime and anywhere. You can follow your passion. You can do a job while pursuing online degrees. But always keep in mind that you must have to put effort into coursework, learning and projects.

4. Facility of recorded classes

This is one of the most important benefits of online learning of any course. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the deadline of projects and submission dates. If you have difficulty learning and grasping, you can watch the class any number of times. And if you are quick in learning, you can also complete the course in no time and can work on other things you want. However, it all depends on you and your time management.

Platforms which provide online M.Sc Data Science Course

1. Onlinemanipal
2. Ignou
3. Upgrad, etc.

Top Specializations In M.Sc Data Science In India

You can also get specialization in Online M.Sc Data Science In India courses. Here are a few courses in which you can pursue M.Sc. in Data Science:
Data Mining & Statistical Analysis
Database Management & Data Architecture
Business Intelligence & Strategy Making
Machine Learning & Cognitive Specialist
Cybersecurity Data Analysis
Operations-related Data Analysis, etc.

Career Opportunities After Online M.Sc Data Science Degree

There are abundant career opportunities after pursuing a master’s in data science, such as research analyst, data engineer, marketing analyst, data scientist, and computer scientist.

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