$355 Million Plea to Rescue Trump! 

Elena Cardone initiates a GoFundMe campaign aiming to raise an astonishing $355 million to cover legal judgments for Donald Trump.

Beau of the Fifth Column sheds light on the absurdity, using an example of a Trump supporter working for $15 per hour. To reach the goal, they'd need to start in 678 B.C., working 24/7 without breaks.

Elena Cardone introduces herself as Grant Cardone's wife, expressing unwavering support for Trump amid legal challenges. She portrays Trump as a defender of American values, facing unjust treatment in New York.

Cardone contends that Trump, throughout his presidency, sacrificed for the country's freedoms.

She sees his legal battles not just as personal attacks but as assaults on fairness and due process, questioning the balance of justice.

Cardone asserts that the legal challenges faced by Trump aren't only against him but an assault on the very principles of fairness and due process that every American deserves.

Beau mentions the revealing comments from donors, offering insights into their thought processes and attitudes towards the fundraiser.

As of Feb. 17th, 12:20 a.m., the GoFundMe has garnered 815 donations totaling $31,744, leaving a substantial gap of $354,968,256 to meet the ambitious fundraising goal.

Beau humorously encourages Trump supporters, urging them to contribute Social Security checks and sacrifice medical needs to support the cause.

He playfully challenges their patriotism.

The commentary highlights the apparent absurdity of the fundraising effort and the skepticism surrounding the feasibility of reaching such an exorbitant goal.

The web story concludes by leaving readers intrigued about the unfolding events, emphasizing the surreal nature of the situation and the challenges faced by the GoFundMe campaign.